Creative Studio
An installation recreating a working design studio, that encourages designersto create away from their computers.

left to right paper and sketchbook desk (including wax crayon mouse, foam cutting matt, sketchbook computer screen and
calculator), wax crayon G4 tower being drawn with, epson screen printer and paints, CMYK keyboard crayons, rgb paint
dispencers with polystyrene cup paint pots with brushes attached to lids, wax crayon drawing lamp, iMac magnadoodle,
drawing clock, spray paint extinguisher, tabletop imcluding both computers, crayon calculator, wax crayon plug sockets with
plugs, cardboard parquet floor, wax crayon telephone, wax crayon radio, instruction for studioreading 'You are encouraged
to create' and waxcrayon light switch.

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